Video shows woman discovering bobcat in car grill

Driver says she thought she ran over roadkill

By Ashleigh Coran - Executive Producer

TULLAHOMA, Tenn. - A bobcat managed to survive a road trip wedged in a car grill after a woman said she ran over the cat thinking it was roadkill.

"I heard the impact," said driver Angela Ridner. "By the time I saw it, I couldn't hit my brakes. It was too late."

After returning home, Ridner discovered the animal survived the drive.

"I come out there and there it is, stuck in the grill, eyes looking at us," Ridner said, "I thought, oh my goodness, this thing is big." 

The woman's shock quickly turned into fear when the bobcat began growling. She left it alone in hopes that the bobcat would escape while alone.

"The next morning, we get up and it's gone," Ridner said.

The bobcat left behind only minor scratches during its mission back into the wilderness.  

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