Video: Steve Spurrier TV show controversy

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier was fired up over the weekend at the University of Central Florida as his team squeaked out a win over the Knights.

But the Internet is buzzing on Wednesday over Spurrier's demeanor after the game on a TV show.

Every week, Spurrier, like most college football coaches, does a TV show each week to talk about the game.  A lot of fans say Spurrier appears to be a little tipsy and was slurring his words.

According to a website run by a South Carolina newspaper, Spurrier asked the show not to be shown again because he was too negative.

When asked if he had been drinking, Spurrier said, "whether or not I have a few beers after every game for the past 29 years I don't think I need to get into all that. Most coaches that I know we probably do have a few beers after ballgames after building up all week and so forth. But that was a draining day and I got too negative. I don't like being that negative after a victory."

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