Vigil held for Boston victims on Lake Eola

Group prays for runners, spectators, children who were injured

ORLANDO, Fla. - A group gathered in downtown Orlando on Saturday to light candles and pray for those suffering in Boston.

"We can't give them their limbs back, OK, we can't bring the little boy that lost his life, we can't bring him back, but what we can do is we can pray for them," said Shyand Mosby, who organized the vigil.

The group prayed for 8-year-old Martin Richard, 23-year-old Lu Lingzi, and 29-year-old Krystie Campbell, the three who were killed in Monday's attack.

They prayed for the runners, spectators, and the children who were injured, more than 170 people whose lives will be forever touched by the bombings.

"These attacks are serious, they're real, they're not at our back door, they're at our front door," said Mosby.

Before the arrest of the surviving suspect, one more life would be taken, Sean Collier, 26, the MIT officer who was shot five hours after the FBI released surveillance photos of the two men they say planted the twin bombs near the finish line.

"The police men and those that actually had to do their job, and had to give up their lives, they were hurt in the process of helping somebody else," said Joyce Elliott. "We want them to know that we commend them for what they did."

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