Volusia County Chairman's Facebook under fire after conspiracy posts

Man says he didn't post conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook

By Lisa Bell - Anchor

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - Newly elected Volusia County Chairman Jason Davis says he is avoiding social media after some conspiracy theory posts appeared on his Facebook page.

According to the Daytona Beach News Journal, the words "Jason Davis shared Death Before Disinformation's photo" appeared on the chairman's page on Sunday. The photos-- from a newly formed group on Facebook-- included an image that raises doubts about the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting along with another image titled "24 Hard Facts About 9/11 That Cannot Be Debunked."

Davis told Local 6, he does not believe those theories and says he was not even aware of the posts until reporters started asking questions.

He says he then looked at his Facebook page, but still did not see the posts. Davis says he does not know how the posts appeared on the page and believes someone may have hacked into the account, so he shut it down immediately.

"That's really the kind of thing that gives social media a bad name," said Davis. "People hacking in there, changing what's going on or what your point of view is and getting it out there as yours."

Davis describes it as a personal Facebook page. The actual link shows the name on the account to be "Davis for Volusia" and it was used for his campaign.

"I honestly did not know that our local news outlets were checking on everybody's Facebook so maybe that should be a warning to all public officials, our Facebook is out there and people are looking at it," said Davis.

Davis, who used to own a computer tech firm, says he checked and none of his other accounts have been hacked and he does not plan to file a report with law enforcement.

"I'm like the CEO of a $600 million corporation. I do not have time to chase down a Facebook hacker, I do not have time to try to find out who is playing a game," said Davis.

Davis said he rarely used Facebook and plans to stay away from social media for several months.

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