Volusia grandma helps deliver baby over phone

Daughter delivers baby before paramedics arrive

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - A Daytona Beach woman was forced to deliver her baby alone in her home with the help of her mother and a Volusia County Sheriff's Office dispatcher.

The Sheriff's Office released the 911 call of the birth on Tuesday.  The woman -- identified as Erika Hudson -- delivered the baby on Saturday.

"My daughter's on the phone with me -- she thinks she's having a baby," says April Hudson, the woman's mother, when she is connected with a dispatcher.

During the call, the grandmother struggles to get responses from her daughter, constantly calling out her name and saying, "Stay with me."

"Erika, if you can hear me, they're on their way," April Hudson tells her daughter. "Try to stay calm."

About two and a half minutes into the 911 call, Erika Hudson tells her mother the baby is coming.

"Do you feel something?" the grandmothers asks. "Do you feel the baby's head? That's fine, that's good.  If you're this close, the baby's coming and we might as well finish the job."

One minute later, Erika finishes the job.

"You've got the baby in your hands? We've got a baby," Hudson tells the dispatcher.

For the next minute, April Hudson and the dispatcher fear the worst as Erika is not responding.

Finally, when Erika starts talking again, both her mother and the dispatcher confirm if the baby is alive and healthy.

"Is the baby breathing? Is the baby crying?" the grandmother asks.

"You've got it! You did it! You've done it!" her mother exclaims. "Hang tight. The ambulance is there -- I hear them."

Erika Hudson and her new son, Logan, were taken to Halifax Heath Medical Center, where both were listed as healthy.

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