Warning period for Osceola County's red-light cameras ends

Cameras installed at Pleasant Hill Road & Poinciana Boulevard intersection

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OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - The 30-day warning period for Osceola County's first two red-light safety cameras ended Tuesday night at midnight, county officials said Tuesday.

Two red-light safety cameras at the intersection of Pleasant Hill Road and Poinciana Boulevard have averaged three written warnings a day, officials said. According to state law, a $158 fine will be issued now that the violation phase has begun.

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Osceola County is one of the first counties to designate how the revenues from the red-light cameras are to be used with public safety improvements at those intersections, officials said.

The new approach to traffic safety is intended to reduce the number of serious crashes by red-light runners. Officials said the warning period gave residents an opportunity to become familiar with the system and to encourage people to slow down and stop on red before the actual citations began.

A violation happens when the entire vehicle crosses the intersection's line of demarcation, or dividing line, after the traffic signal turns red. Technicians with Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions review violation images and event data before sending the information to the Osceola County Sheriff's Office, where a final review is conducted. Officials said only sworn law enforcement officers are permitted to determine if a ticket and fine are warranted based on the evidence.

Right-turn-on-red violations will not be enforced with this system, authorities said.

Up to nine more locations could receive the photo enforcement devices as provided for in the agreement signed earlier this year between the Board of Osceola County Commissioners and ATS.

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