Water slide collapses at Florida community pool

Police: 13 students stuffer minor injuries, 2 hospitalized

Photo courtesy of Erin Carre

FLEMING ISLAND, Fla. - More than a dozen high school students were hurt Thursday after a water slide at a Florida community pool collapsed, sending five students to the hospital, authorities say.

Photo courtesy of Erin Carre.

The Clay County Sheriff's Office confirmed to WJXT-TV the Fleming Island High School Band was hosting a pool party at the community pool when the slide collapsed late Thursday afternoon.

Police said about 15 to 20 students were on the slide when it collapsed. Police confirmed 13 students suffered minor injuries during the collapse.

The Chairwoman of the Clay County School Board told WJXT-TV five students were taken to two hospitals with minor injuries Thursday night. One student reportedly suffered a head injury, but is said to be in stable condition. Four others went to another hospital with minor neck and back injuries.

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