Web Extra: Deadliest stretches of interstate, when are you most at risk

Deadliest Stretches of Interstate

Local 6 analyzed 2.5 years worth of crash data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicles. 

Total number of fatal accidents for I-4, I-75 and I-95 were calculated then this information was broken down by counties. 

Using the number of miles each highway stretched in the various counties, we were able to figure out which stretches of roadway had the deadliest rates.

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When are you most at risk on the road     

The Florida Department of Transportation releases traffic crash facts on an annual basis.  Last year's report analyzed data from 2012 and found that 281,340 crashes occurred statewide. 

It also details road conditions, days of the week and times of day where crashes are more likely to occur.

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