Web Extra: Most expensive stretches of tollways

The people in charge will  tell you it averages pennies per mile… but how much do the stretches we all drive really cost?  Is the time savings worth the cost to drive and where are the cheapest stretches?

These are the most expensive stretches of road for each of the area tollways:

  • 408 East-West Expressway
    Crystal Lake Drive to Conway Road
    $1.00 for 0.6 miles
    Average: $1.67/mile

  • 528 Beachline Expressway
    Tradeport Drive to SR 436/Semoran Blvd.
    $1.25 for 1.5 miles
    Average: $0.83/mile

  • 429 Western Expressway
    I-4 to Sinclair Road
    $0.50 for 1 mile
    Average: $.50/mile

  •  417 Central Florida GreeneWay
    Celebration Avenue to I-4
    $1.00 for 1.2 miles
    Average: 0.83/mile

  • 414 John Land Apopka Expressway
    Hiawassee Rd. to Keene Rd.
    $0.75 for 1.3 miles
    Average: 0.58/mile

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