Website allows users to buy wedding memories of divorced women

Creator Tiffany Beverlin of Orlando says has taken off

ORLANDO, Fla. - Buried for 25 years deep in a drawer, Lois Fakioglu says she's finally getting rid of the diamond ring that was a gift from her ex.

"It's a nice feeling to just push it out the door with all the rest of it," Fakioglu said.

Fakioglu is posting her ring on "," a website for divorcees looking to sell their wedding memories.

Creator Tiffany Beverlin of Orlando, says the website has taken off -- women are posting their wedding dresses, engagement rings, even dish sets they received as wedding gifts.

"I have messages from all over the world, women who relate to my story, who connect with my story, who understand how important it is to let go of your things and move on," said Beverlin.

Beverlin thought of the idea after going through her own divorce and had a difficult time getting back into the work force.

Now, she's making 7 percent commission on everything sold.

When asked what she thought about critics, who may call her website, "dark," because it's making money off people going through a terrible misfortune, Beverlin said it's the opposite.

"It's a positive website: We focus on letting go, we focus on moving forward, we focus on future happiness and dreams," she said.

Beverlin is in the process of making an iPhone app, where users can take pictures of what they're trying to sell and upload them straight to the website.

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