Weight-loss challenge offering free trainers, nutritionist to winners

Contest open to anyone at least 100 pounds overweight

By Paul Giorgio - Producer

LAKE MARY, Fla. - It's April and how many of you have already given up on your New Year's resolutions to lose weight?

Ever wish you could participate in one of those reality TV weight loss shows with all their experts and one-on-one attention, keeping you focused and motivated? 

Well, "Take The Challenge" is coming to Central Florida. It's a weight-loss challenge that's offering experts in the fields of fitness, nutrition and psychology to two luck winners. 

The challenge is the brainchild of publisher Judith Topper. Her magazine, Lake Mary Healthy Living, is sponsoring the yearlong event.

"This is not like losing weight for an occasion that's in 3 months or a high school reunion," she says, "This is a lifestyle change and it's going to take a whole year to do it."

Two winners -- one man, one woman -- each trying to lose at least 100 pounds, will participate in the challenge as "ambassadors." The idea is to motivate readers to follow along and share their weight loss stories.

The ambassadors will have support from a physician and nutritionist from Florida Hospital as well as a personal chef and personal trainer.

If you would like to apply for the challenge, we've included a link here.  Candidates should be at least 100 pounds overweight and live in Central Florida.

You can follow the progress of the ambassadors on Local 6 as we document their transformation.

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