What to do when a hurricane warning is issued

Learn Basics Of Preparing For Storm

The following list is a guideline of things people should do when a hurricane warning is issued for the area in which they reside.

  • If you live in a mobile home, check the tie-downs and leave immediately.
  • Prepare for high winds by anchoring securely or bringing indoors anything that might blow away or be torn loose: Garbage cans, garden tools, signs, lawn furniture, awnings and toys. Loose objects can be deadly in hurricane winds.
  • Board-up or shutter large windows. When you board-up, use good lumber securely fastened. Makeshift boarding may do more damage than good. Have strong bracing for outside doors.
  • Boats on trailers: Fill with water, secure to trailer and use tiedowns to anchor trailer to ground or house.
  • Get away from low-lying beaches or other locations which may be swept by high tides or storm waves. If passage to high ground is over a road likely to be under water, leave early. Don't run the risk of being marooned. On the coast, damage is from water, lots of it, and storm conditions may continue for many hours.
  • Add extra chlorine to swimming pool to prevent contamination, and lower the pool's water level to allow for increased rainfall.

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