Why some are still without internet connectivity after Hurricane Irma

By Emre Kelly, Florida Today
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Residents without power at home charge their mobile phones using electrical outlets at the base of palm trees in the plaza in front of the new city hall building September 11, 2017 in Homestead, Florida. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

FLORIDA - For some Brevard County residents with running water and restored power in the wake of Hurricane Irma, the lack of internet connectivity can be frustrating and difficult to understand.

But while homes might have all utilities except for a digital connection to the outside world, that doesn't mean the hubs responsible for distributing that connectivity are up and running.

"The biggest cause of problems for all of us has been the loss of commercial power," said Joe Durkin, a spokesman for Spectrum, one of two primary companies delivering connectivity to Brevard. "Our network relies on commercial power to deliver our products and services."

In many cases, Durkin said, a home or neighborhood might be structurally sound and restored after Irma, but that doesn't mean a hub somewhere down the line – possibly a fair distance away – is up and running, News 6 partner Florida Today reported.

Durkin didn't have specifics on the number of cable and internet outages on the Space Coast, but did say teams were working to restore services as quickly as possible.

Brevard's other prominent provider, AT&T, also said technicians were working to restore services to affected areas, but could not offer specifics on timelines or the exact number of outages.

"Our technicians continue working to restore service to affected areas as quickly and safely as conditions allow," AT&T spokeswoman Rosie Montalvo said via email.

Both companies host webpages to report outages or see status updates – the former at http://brighthouse.com/storm, and the latter at http://soc.att.com/2y42B1k.

"We're very fortunate the storm wasn't worse and everyone should have a little bit of patience for all the different businesses and services," Durkin said. "Keep in mind our fellow Floridians who are down in the Keys and struggling to survive right now."

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