Winter Park florist thrives on Valentine's Day

1-800-Florist rents trucks to store bouquets

ORLANDO, Fla. - At the 1-800-Florist in Winter Park, workers love the business.

This Valentine's Day, they had to bring in rented refrigerated trucks to store all of the bouquets ready to be delivered, but that paled in comparison to the walk-in traffic.

The front register ran all day.  Customers -- mostly men -- either picking up or making a last-minute purchase.

"We mostly do walk-ins because a lot people just walk in and want regular random flowers," said manager Alexis Gil.

When Local 6 visited on Friday, Gil said they already had 3,000 orders down with 1,000 more to go.

"They're usually surprised it takes about 5 minutes to make it," she said. "We say it's less than 10 minutes and they're like, 'OK,'" she said.

She says traditional red is the favorite this year with a few bouquets set aside for a really special night, like engagements.

Surprisingly, this isn't their busiest day.  Gil says that was actually Thursday when they were working hard to get the deliveries ready for Valentine's Day.

Alsiri Soto says he hasn't slept since 5 a.m. Thursday.

He says it's his job to take all of these flowers load them into cars and see them safely to their destinations.

It's hard work when you're running on steam and adrenaline.

"I guess because I'm prior military, when it's go go go, it's go go go," he said.  "No rest or anything until the mission is completed."

So, is it too late to order yours?

Maybe not.

This store may not close Friday, possibly staying open for the very last-minute shoppers.

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