Winter Park man arrested, accused of resisting officer, carrying weapon

Troopers say courtesy stop could have turned deadly

By Lisa Bell - Anchor

WINTER PARK, Fla. - Florida Highway Patrol troopers say what began as a courtesy stop for a Winter Park man driving with a bald tire, quickly escalated into a dangerous situation and it was all caught on dash cam video.

FHP trooper Virginia Pennington pulled over Robert Moskau, 40, for a bald tire around 8:40 Thursday a.m. on State Road 436 near I-4.

Florida law requires drivers to provide a valid license, registration and proof of insurance. Troopers are also able to pull over motorists for bald tires and other faulty equipment.

Pennington said when she asked for Moskau's driver's license he refused, so the trooper retreated to her cruiser and called for backup. Meanwhile, Moskau called 911 and asked for Altamonte Springs police to respond.

"I'm calling because I've been detained for no reason and she refuses to let me go," Moskau told a 911 dispatcher.

Several minutes later, officers learned that Moskau was driving on a suspended license after failing to pay child support.

Troopers approached Moskau's vehicle several times, but each time he would only roll his window down about an inch, refused to give them ID and was recording them on his cell phone.

After about 40 minutes into the stop, an Altamonte Springs police officer approached Moskau's truck, and spotted a handgun lying near his feet.

Several officers quickly drew their weapons and ordered Moskau to get out of the truck with his hands up.

Moskau complied and was arrested for resisting an officer and improperly carrying a weapon.

"He was probably going to kill me today," said trooper Pennington, after Moskau's arrest. "Thank God for training because when it was just him and I here he was going 'Hey, come here, come here, officer, come here,' he was baiting me up to that car."

Three lanes of 436 were shut down during the ordeal, which caused delays for morning commuters.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident in what Trooper Pennington said began as just a courtesy stop.

"I stopped him due to his tire on the right rear. I was just going to give him a little notice," said Pennington.

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