With holidays approaching, FHP cracks down on dangerous drivers

News 6 rides along Friday night

By Jennifer Ortega - Reporter

ORLANDO, Fla. - ​With the holidays quickly approaching, troopers with the Florida Highway Patrol have been conducting major sweeps of the roads, and cracking down on dangerous drivers.

At FHP headquarters Friday night, 25 troopers were briefed, preparing to keep an eye out for impaired drivers.

Sgt. Williams Chambers headed to the 408 westbound. Chambers, who has been with the FHP for the past 10 years, said he was watching for anything that could signal someone being under the influence.  

"We're looking at making the roads safer and that is by detecting, hopefully, an impaired driver, but in doing so, preventing any type of dangerous driving -- from speeding to reckless (driving)," Chambers said.

Seconds later, News 6 was there as Chambers stopped someone for the first time that night.

"It seems he just forgot to use his turn signal,” Chambers said. “There's no signs of impairment."

The driver got a warning. Soon after, Chambers noted another minor traffic violation and made his second stop.

"When people are impaired, they have a hard time doing two things at once, so maintaining speed plus direction can be difficult for them -- using signals or turning their headlights on," Chambers said.

While troopers said every stop isn't going to be DUI-related, they understand it's the holiday and they have a message for drivers: “Spend time with your family (and) your friends, but have that plan in place. Have something down so that when you're having a good time, you can make it home safe," said Capt. Chris Sovillo, with the FHP.

​This year, the FHP said it has investigated 120 traffic fatalities, which is five fewer than last year, and they're hoping that ratio stays the same.

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