Woman attacked by pack of dogs in Flagler County speaks out

3 dogs caught, euthanized

By Lisa Bell - Anchor

FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. - A local mother who shielded her daughter from a pack of pit bulls is telling her story and revealing her injuries.

Brandi Bookamer, 27, said all she could think about was protecting her 6-year-old daughter, Natali, when they were attacked by five dogs on May 5th.

The attack happened in Flagler County on Mahogany Boulevard, west of Bunnell, while the two were walking home from a park.

Bookamer said she noticed a large white pit bull with what appeared to be a broken rope around its neck. Bookamer said she had never seen the dog before. Seconds later, four of her neighbor's pit bulls got out of their fence and all five started attacking her.

"They just started biting at me, and my daughter was yelling 'Mommy,'" said Bookamer. "They ripped out parts of my flesh, knocked me down, they bit me on the top of my head."

Bookamer said she screamed for her daughter to run home, then threw herself in a ditch. She was hoping if she was covered in mud and water, the dogs would let up.

"I was laying there, like 'oh God, I don't want to die,'" said Bookamer.

Two people passing by finally jumped in to help. A man fired a pellet gun scaring off the dogs, while a woman called for help.

"That saved my life because I don't think those dogs would have stopped," said Bookamer. "I think they would have kept going until I wasn't moving again."

Bookamer has more puncture wounds than she can count. She's been in and out of the hospital and still has nightmares, but she is thankful that her daughter is alive and safe.

"I love her with everything and if they would have got a hold of her I don't know what I would have done," said Bookamer. "At least it was me."

Animal control seized five dogs, but Bookamer could only identify three of them as being the ones who attacked her. Those three dogs were euthanized on Wednesday. The two others will be placed up for adoption. Bookamer said the large white dog with the broken rope around its neck was never caught.

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