Woman attacked in Winter Springs hires private investigator

Woman robbed June 8 near fire station on Winter Springs Boulevard

WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. - For Winter Springs police, leads have run dry in the case of a jogger attacked near a fire station on Winter Springs Boulevard on June 8. And so six weeks later, the victim and her husband hired a private investigator.

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"Their belief is that a poor job was done right from the beginning," said private investigator Glen Promise.

Around the time of the attack, a man was seen exposing himself nearby. So, Promise re-interviewed the witness, and came up with a sketch, trying to link the flasher to the attack.

"It seems to coincidental for me," said Promise. "I'm not saying 100 percent this is the guy. It's a guy I want to talk to. The guy who police should want to talk to."

But cops say he's way off.

"Giving you all an alleged drawing of a person of interest that we know nothing about solves nothing," said Winter Springs Police Chief Kevin Brunelle. "What concerns me, is that the family or the private investigator chose not to come to us and say, 'Is this even close to anything that you guys have?'"

In fact, Brunelle said the victim's husband has now put up a wall between officers investigating the case, and his wife.

"He has made it very clear that he wants us to go through him to talk to her," said Brunelle. "Nobody can give us a description that would aid us or the public. The victim herself said she could not give us anything, she didn't see anything, she only heard a voice."

"I need their [police] assistance, because I can't arrest the guy," said Promise. "I just want to find him and ID him."

Promise said he has handed his sketch to people and businesses around the neighborhood where the attack happened.

Police said there's just not enough information to come up with an accurate sketch. They're now relying on a $7,000 Crimeline reward, hoping to get better leads.

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