Woman bitten by shark at Cape Canaveral

Paramedics say victim suffered deep cut on leg

By Lisa Bell - Anchor

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - A tourist is recovering after being bitten by a shark off Cape Canaveral just south of Jetty Park.

Brevard County lifeguards tell us the shark jumped out right in front of a woman in waste deep water. It then clamped down on her calf, causing non life-threatening injuries.

"We've been to the beach quite a bit, (something like this) has never been that close to us," said David Miller, who is vacationing in Central Florida from Indiana.

As crews rushed to the scene, they began warning people in the water, like the Miller family, to get out.

"We took a little break after that," said Miller.

His wife, Dara, said, "You don't really think it would happen to you, but I guess it's possible."

The victim's leg was bandaged before she was transported to Cape Canaveral Hospital. It was a frightening scene for beachgoers.

"Normally, it's New Smyrna Beach you find thisĀ happening," said beachgoer Jennifer Krupa. "I had not heard about any of this happening."

According to the International Shark Attack File, it's rare for a shark to attack in Brevard County. In 2011, there were just 2 attacks in Brevard, compared to 6 in Volusia.

The bite happened in an unguarded stretch of beach. Lifeguards tell Local 6, the woman was alert and talking after the attack.

If a shark attacks, experts at the International Shark Attack File recommend hitting the shark on the nose. They say that usually stops the attack, at least temporarily, so victims can try and get out of the water. If the attack continues, victims are advised to continue hitting the shark's nose and to claw it's eyes and gills which are two sensitive areas. Also, do not act passive or play dead because sharks respect size and power.

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