Woman, daughter trapped in Deltona home during invasion

Gunmen flee before Volusia County deputies arrive

DELTONA, Fla. - Deputies are looking for two men involved in a terrifying home invasion in Deltona.

While two men broke in, a mother was trapped in one side of the home, while her teen daughter was holed up in another room.

It happened Monday night at a home on Providence Boulevard.

Local 6 got a copy of the 911 calls both the mother and her daughter made to dispatchers.

"My baby is on the other side of the house please, my baby is on the other side of the house," said the mother.

The mother told dispatchers two armed men approached the front of her house and then kicked down the door.

"Where were they trying to make entry at?" asked the dispatcher.

"In my front door.  I jumped up and I heard them kick my door," said the mother.

After hearing the door kicked down, the teen's mother grabbed her gun and called 911, all while hiding in the master bedroom.

"Do you see any weapons?," asked the dispatcher.

"Yes, yes, they have guns in their hands. I have a gun too, but my baby is over there and I don't want them to shoot my baby."

The woman's 15-year-old daughter was across the house hiding in her bedroom closet. The teen heard a loud bang and the house alarm go off. When she went to see what it was, she saw a man's reflection in the living room mirror and heard her mother yell.

"I saw some guy standing in the living room and my mom is telling me to back up, back up, back up," said the teen.

Minutes later, deputies arrived only to find the men were already gone.

Anyone with information about the home invasion is urged to contact the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

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