Woman kidnapped, forced to withdraw money from Winter Park ATM

Man sought in robbery, kidnapping

WINTER PARK, Fla. - Winter Park police are searching for the man who they say attacked a woman and drove her car to an ATM and withdraw money from her account.

Police said the victim was attacked by the man in the back parking lot of Timken Radiology and Aloma Title Company off of Lee Road while walking up to work early Friday morning. The man then forced the victim into her car, was driven to an ATM and forced to withdraw $300.

"He hit me in the mouth, threw me to the ground, took my purse to get my keys and got into the car and pulled me by my hair to get into the car," the victim told dispatchers in the 911 call.

The man continued driving attempting to get the victim lost and eventually stopped the car and left, police said.  The victim drove back to 1650 Lee Road and called police at 8:15 a.m.

"I was coming to work and I was the only person here and I was coming to the door and he ran up behind me," the victim said.

The man is described as "scruffy looking," about 6 feet tall, 25-30 years old with a lean build. Police said the man was last seen wearing a long sleeved black T-shirt  over it, green work pants and a black knit cap with a short bill.

The victim suffered a minor shoulder and facial injury from the altercation with the robber.

Some people who work close to the businesses are being a lot more careful.

"I guess I have to watch out around here and stuff because I never knew that," said Carolann. "I walk around here all the time and I take the bus here."

But some workers say they won't let one attack scare them away.

"I won't stop walking," said Jennifer. "I hate to say it but if someone tackles me it's going to be me or them and it ain't going to be me."

Contact Winter Park police if you have any information on the man's whereabouts.

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