Woman looks for lost love on subway

Maria Vila uses posters to search for missed connection

NEW YORK - One New York woman is certain she'll find her true love in a strange place -- the New York subway system.

Maria Vila has started putting up small posters in subway stations that read, "Pay attention NY! This is about my heart." Vila, an artist, also includes a sketch on the posters.

Vila says she is searching for a man who she locked eyes with while riding on the subway. She tried to approach the man when the exited the train, but he disappeared into the crowd.

"It was my moment," Vila told WPIX-TV. "It's now or never and I said, 'I'm going to look for him and I'm going to find him.'"

Vila has set up 300 posters that include the man's description and what happened on the day she saw him.

"Missing love, please, I just want to give you my drawing," Vila told WPIX-TV when asked to give a message to her lost connection.

Anyone who recognizes or sees the lost love can let Maria know by using the #MissedLove on Instagram and Twitter.

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