Woman repeatedly asked 911 to fix her phone, deputies say

Kellie Ann Williams arrested in Seminole County

SANFORD, Fla. - Seminole County sheriff's deputies say a woman was arrested after she repeatedly called 911.

Kellie Ann Williams called 911 nearly a dozen times Monday -- first to try to have her boyfriend evicted and then several times because her phone had no service and would only make emergency calls.

Dispatcher: OK.  What are you wanting?

Caller: You to get my (expletive) phone from (making) emergency calls only.

Dispatcher: OK.  You're going to have to call 611.

Caller: I've already tried. I can't call anybody because it's emergency calls only. I can't call anybody. I cannot call anybody.  I don't have another phone.

Dispatcher: OK.  Then drive to a phone place. You don't keep calling 911.

Williams was arrested on charges of misuse of the 911 system and was being held on $500 bond.

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