Woman rescued after car plunges into Orlando pond

Newspaper deliveryman spots incident, calls for help

ORLANDO, Fla. - A woman was rescued from a sinking car in an Orlando pond after a newspaper deliveryman spotted her and called for help.

The woman, who fell asleep while driving, plunged into the pond around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday at the Park Central apartments at 5009 Park Central Drive near John Young Parkway.

Deliveryman Jessie Clay said he was driving behind the woman when her car started swerving and veered off the road and into the pond.

"(Her car) was going down fast," Clay said.  "She couldn't swim.  She was scared.  She doesn't even remember going into the pond at all.  Good thing I was behind her because she probably would have died."

Clay alerted a nearby security guard and called 911.

A guard dove in to help the woman but couldn't get her out.  Firefighters arrived a short time later and used a hole punch to break a car window to rescue her.

The woman was treated at the scene and was expected to be OK.

Fire officials said Clay is a hero, adding that the woman likely would have died without his help because no one else was around at that time of day.

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