Woman shocked with stun gun at middle school, Orlando police say

Woman apparently angered over school's disciplinary action against student

ORLANDO, Fla. - A school resource officer shocked an Orlando woman with a stun gun at a middle school after police say she was yelling profane language, apparently angered over disciplinary action taken against a student, and refused to leave the school.

Laytoyia Lane, 30, has been charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing school functions, trespassing on school grounds after warning and resisting officer without violence in the Wednesday incident.

Police said Lane was yelling profane language near the principal conference room at Memorial Middle School when she was asked to stop cursing by the school resource officer. She was apparently angry over disciplinary action taken against an unidentified student, according to officials.

Lane was told to leave the premises five to seven times before running away when the officer went to arrest her, according to the report. The officer then shocked her with a stun gun.

Lane has a different story.

"He just stood over me and he was just tasing, just tasing, just tasing. I didn't understand why," said Lane, who said she plans to file a complaint against the officer.

It's unclear what happened before the video, but Lane said the school resource officer seen tasing her has had a running feud with her family since March.

Somehow, shouting escalated to tasing.

"I believe he was out of line," said Markisha Williams, who witnessed the incident. "I was scared because it wasn't necessary and she never did anything."

A group of family members went to the school hoping to resolve the growing problem that pitted them against Officer Andre Howard -- with her niece at the center of it all.

It began when the family said Howard slammed the teen against a glass door at a convenience store. They think the niece is being unfairly targeted for things like skipping school and they think his actions have been out-of-line before.

"I'm not a mom, but I know how it feels to be a mom," said Lane, who has scrapes and bruises all over her body, but her injuries don't compare to her concern for her niece. "My niece was telling me she's terrified. She had missed two weeks of school after this happened with him throwing her against the glass."

The officer said in the report that he told her to get off school property 5 to 7 times before he finally had to take action.

Lane admits she argued with the officer, but she said she left when he asked and never physically provoked him before he threw her on the ground.

"I did not touch him at all, and it shocked me for a police officer to push me on the ground," said Lane. "If he was going to arrest me, just arrest me. I didn't do anything to get tased."

Police are reviewing the tasing incident here at the school and the original report that sparked the feud.

Lane faces several charges for resisting the officer and trespassing.

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