Woman sues Clermont police over handling of her stroke

Woman says police hogtied her, police say claim is 'inaccurate'

CLERMONT, Fla. - A Lake County woman and Clermont police are telling two very different stories about what happened after she suffered a stroke and collapsed.

Christian BonJour wants to sue police because she says officers handcuffed her, hogtied her and put her in the back of a police car while she was suffering from a stroke at West Beach park in July.

BonJorn says she couldn't stand up or move her legs so bystanders called 911. When police arrived BonJorn says she reached up for help and that's when an officer attacked her.

"I remember seeing the police car pull up and I stuck my hand out because I thought he was gonna help me up and he slapped my hand out of the way, grabbed me by the throat and pushed me down backwards."

BonJorn said she was eventually taken to the hospital after she says one of the officers saw her face and thought she was having a stroke.

In a statement though police deny BonJorn's account, calling it "inaccurate in regards to our involvement."

The statement reads, "our officer(s) did not throw Ms. Bon Jorn down on the beach nor was she ever placed in a Clermont Police Department vehicle or "Hogtied." Ms. Bon Jorn was turned over to EMS/Fire personnel who secured and transported her to the Hospital."

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Her attorney, Christopher Largey, said BonJorn is suing the police department for damages. She said she never got an apology from police and she spent eight days in the hospital after her stroke.

The Clermont Police Department has six months to respond to the intent to sue, filed by BonJorn's lawyer. Police said all of the information has been forwarded to the legal department and "it is in their hands."

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