Woman thrown off horse in Rock Springs Run Reserve State Park rescued

Melinda Harper helps crews find injured woman

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A woman was found with a broken leg deep in the woods after being thrown off her horse Thursday night.

The woman was in Rock Springs Run Reserve State Park, but couldn't move and didn't know exactly where she was.

An Orange County helicopter flying overhead finally spotted the woman lying on her back.

Officials told Local 6 the woman broke her leg and was unable to move. She called 911 with her cellphone but couldn't tell the dispatcher where she was.

Melinda Harper's company does horse-trail rides at the park and she knows the area. She helped crews find the woman.

"You have to know this area, you have to be out here riding or, you know, coming in to visit the park, to see exactly where you are because if you don't know where you are you'll get lost," Harper said.

The woman was transported to the hospital. Her name has not been released, but Harper told Local 6 the woman is new to the area.

The woman's horse was found back at the barn 23 miles away.

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