Workers search for lost dog in Titusville sewer

Sugar the dog has been missing for 9 days, owner says

By Justin Warmoth - Anchor

TITUSVILLE, Fla. - Some off-duty firefighters, city workers and people just trying to help out have been popping sewer lids all day, checking each pipe for 5-year-old Sugar Baby.

It's been 9 days since Sugar Baby, a 45-pound boxer, escaped through an open gate at her owners' home on Indian River Avenue in Titusville.

The Lee family, Sugar Baby's owners, said they've put over 400 miles on their car searching for her and last night, they may have gotten some good news.

"A gentleman was walking his dogs and thought he heard a faint bark and went home and got his wife, because he wanted to make sure he was hearing it correctly," said Kris Lee.

According to Lee, that man's wife heard the barks as well, so they called the fire department and the Titusville storm water team.

Throughout the night and into the morning crews popped off the tops of different storm drains, even sending out a robot with a camera attached to it to get a better view of the dark pipes.

"We've got off-duty firefighters that have come and walked these storm drains," Lee said. "I've got retired firefighters and if it hadn't been for them, I wouldn't have had anybody out here looking."

The storm water management team left just before noon Thursday, but the search efforts stayed consistent throughout the day and into the evening.

After hearing a few faint barks scattered throughout the day, Sugar Baby has still not been found.

"Knowing that there's a possibility, I'm thrilled," said Lee.

The Lee family said they'll be looking for Sugar Baby throughout the night on Thursday and if the search efforts fall short, they'll be back Friday morning.

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