Xerox could be grading your next school paper

New software to help teachers

By Tara Evans - Executive Producer
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Remember taking arithmetic quizzes or tests back in fourth grade? If you got As or Bs, you and your teacher knew you had a pretty good handle on the material.

But what don't you know?

That's what Xerox is looking to help teachers find out.

According to USA Today, later this year, the company will be rolling out new software called Ignite. It's a software and web-based service that turns the copiers in schools across the United States into paper-grading machines..

It will actually be able to grade work that's written in by students, not just filled-in bubbles like Scantron machines.

Those right and wrong answers will then be turned into data accessible by the web, that teachers get reports on showing whether a student or group of students have problems with certain types of math. The idea is that teachers can then tailor what they're teaching to the specific needs of their students.

Teachers will have to set up the system prior to grading tests so that Ignite knows what the answers should be. All questions also have to be tagged with metadata, so that, for example, it knows that questions seven and eight are wrong, which have to do with integers and multiplication.

Xerox plans to offer Ignite for the 2013-14 school year. Schools will pay on a subscription basis.

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