YouTube video leads to reconnection of mom, daughter in Orlando

By Sheli Muniz - Reporter

ORLANDO, Fla. - A California homeless woman is working to reconnect with her daughter in Orlando after a YouTube video helped them reunite.

Jeanette McFadden,66, who is homeless, recorded the video in San Diego, where she currently lives. Michael Gaulden, with a group called Nearshot, that helps reconnect families, filmed the video and posted it on social media.

In the one minute video, McFadden said it's been more than two years since she spoke to her daughter.

"Her name is Felith -- F-E-L-I-T-H -- McFadden. I tried to contact her but I didn't have any luck," she said in the video.

Because Jeanette McFadden is homeless, tracking her daughter down was difficult, but finding her daughter was just as challenging, she said.

Over Skype, Gaulden told News 6 he met McFadden at an event for veteran families.

"She came to us and said pretty much, 'I need help. I'm down on my luck for whatever reason, I've exhausted all of my resources, all my options. My family does not know where I am, I do not know where they are,'" Gaulden said.

News 6 came across Gaulden's post on social media. The post asked for help sharing the "miracle message." After some research, an address led the crew to Felith McFadden and her Orlando home. The family didn't want to be on camera, but was shocked. Jeanette McFadden's granddaughter said she had been looking for her grandmother.

"It's remarkable. It's a miracle. That's the whole point: miracle messages. Just the fact that you all were able to do this -- my mind is blown," said Gaulden.

The family has since exchanged contact information and are working to reconnect.

"What would be the first thing you would say if you saw her tomorrow?" asked Gaulden in the video.

"I love her," JeanetteMcFadden said.?

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