Zimmerman iPad video can't be extracted, Lake Mary police say

By Erik Sandoval - Reporter

LAKE MARY, Fla. - Lake Mary police investigators now say iPad video of a quarrel between George and Shellie Zimmerman will not be able to be extracted from the damaged device.

Investigators had previously told Local 6 the video might be released on Friday but now say the video is not salvageable.

According to a final report on the Sept. 9 incident obtained by Local 6, Lake Mary police investigators enlisted the help of the United States Secret Service to extract the video from Shellie Zimmerman's iPad after she claimed to have taken video of George Zimmerman assaulting her and her father.

In surveillance video taken from the home, George can be seen grabbing Shellie's iPad from her hands, breaking it across his knee and prying it open with a knife before he throws it to the ground.

Secret Service agents told police the "board containing the microprocessor was bent and the connections were detached."

The agent also said, "the remaining chips were present but are encrypted with the encryption keys on the damaged micro controller."

"Based on (the agent's) forensic examination, there is no further examination possible," the police report concluded.

Investigators say the State Attorney's Office concluded there was insufficient evidence to prosecute anyone in connection with this case.

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