Guide to defense witnesses in George Zimmerman trial

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1Local 6 has compiled the defense witnesses called in the second-degree murder trial for George Zimmerman, who is charged with shooting and killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

1. Gladys Zimmerman testified on July 5. Gladys Zimmerman is George Zimmerman's mother. She testified that the screams on the 911 call were her son, George's.

2. Jorge Meza testified on July 5. Meza is Zimmerman's uncle. He testified that the screams on the 911 call was his nephew, George.

3. Sondra Osterman testified on July 8. Osterman is the wife of Mark Osterman, who testified as a state witness earlier in the trial. The Ostermans wrote a book about Zimmerman, in which all proceeds will be donated to Zimmerman after the trial.

4. Geri Russo testified on July 8. Russo was Zimmerman's co-worker at Digital Risk, his employer at the time of the shooting.

5. Mark Osterman testified on July 8. Osterman is the husband of Sondra Osterman, who testified earlier on July 8. Osterman is an air marshal who helped Zimmerman with gun training.

6. Leeanne Benjamin testified on July 8. Benjamin is a friend of Zimmerman and realtor who referred clients to Zimmerman when he was into insurance in 2003. She testified that it was Zimmerman screaming in the background of the 911 call.

7. John Donnelly testified on July 8. Donnelly is the husband of Benjamin and says he considers Zimmerman as a "son." As a Vietnam War veteran he said he was able to develop ability to distinguish screaming voices, saying it was Zimmerman screaming on the background of the 911 call.

8. Doris Singleton testified on July 8. Singleton is a Sanford Police Department detective who took Zimmerman's first statements. She previously testified as a state witness earlier in the trial.

9. Chris Serino testified on July 8. Serino is a Sanford Police Department investigator who was the lead investigator into Trayvon Martin's shooting death.

10. Adam Pollock testified on July 8. Pollock is the owner of the gym Zimmerman went to that featured MMA-style fighting.

11. Tracy Martin testified on July 8. Martin is Trayvon Martin's father. He testified he was distraught and misunderstood when asked to identify the screams in the 911 call at the Sanford Police Department in Feb. 2012.

12. Bill Lee testified on July 8. Lee was the former Sanford Police Chief and was fired in June 2012. Lee testified he was not invited to be there when the Martin family listened to the 911 call at the Sanford mayor's office after the shooting.

13. Vincent Di Maio testified on July 9. Di Maio is a forensic pathologist who testified about the packaging of Martin's hooded sweatshirt.

14. Norton Bonaparte testified on July 9. Bonaparte is the Sanford City Manager who played the Martin family the 911 call with the screams in the background before it was released to the media.

15. Eloise Dilligard testified on July 9. Dillgard is Zimmerman's neighbor at the Retreat at Twin Lakes complex.

16. Dennis Root testified on July 10. Root is a law enforcement expert who specializes in self-defense and "stand your ground" issues.

17. Olivia Bertalan testified on July 10. Bertalan lived in the same complex as Zimmerman and experienced a break-in, causing her to move out of the complex.

18. Robert Zimmerman, Sr., testified on July 10. Zimmerman Sr. is George Zimmerman's father. He testified that it was his son's voice screaming in the background of the 911 call.

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