Handshakes in workplace a thing of the past? It's possible under new rules

News 6 Now newsletter -- 4/25/19


There's a matter of hours between you and Friday -- yay! First though, here's your Thursday rundown:

Distracted driving bills


A Florida senator has filed an amendment to a distracted driving bill seeking common ground between the House and Senate in hopes of getting the piece of legislation on the governor's desk. Get the latest on News 6's fight to end distracted driving in Florida.

More measles

Another case of measles is being investigated in Florida amid the outbreak in the U.S., health officials say. Find out where it was reported and how experts recommend you protect yourself against the disease.

Handshake ban?

The act of shaking hands in business settings has been around forever, but according to a new report, handshakes at work may soon be a thing of the past. See why the gesture could soon be banned and weigh in on whether you think it should be.

'Guide to Avengers: Endgame'

Potty breaks

Unless you live under a rock -- which is fine, we don't judge -- you're probably aware that Avengers fans are expected to pack theaters this weekend for the release of the final movie. Finding tickets was just your first step in preparing for the big show. Get ready for the release by getting a breakdown of the best time to take potty breaks, if you must.

Quiz alert

Oh, and don't forget to take our quiz to find out which Avengers character you are. This is pretty much a prerequisite to the movie. Don't skip it.

Need tickets?

They may be tough to find, but these links will help in your search for seats. Good luck!

Love bugs linger

Floridians' favorite season is just around the corner and the good news is: Our beloved love bugs are expected to make themselves just as known this year as they were last year. See how weather played a role in the prediction and get tips on how to survive the swatting season.

Storms possible soon

Speaking of weather, it's been a beautiful, sunshine-filled week, but that's all going to change Friday when scattered storms have the chance to hit the Central Florida region. Get the full forecast to see if they could affect your commute and if they'll clear out in time for your weekend plans.