When Disney's new theme park rules take effect

(Jacqueline Nell/Disneyland Resort via Getty Images)

Is it Monday again already? It sure is -- and here's what you need to know:

Shark attack

One unlucky teen became the first shark bite victim of 2019 in Volusia County this weekend. Find out what he was he was doing when the shark attacked and get an update on the victim's condition.

Vaping at work

If you're a fan of vaping at your desk, you may not be a fan of a new law just signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis. See when the workplace ban on vapor-generating electronic devices goes into effect and what exactly it means.

New rules at Disney

Speaking of a vaping ban, some big changes are coming to Disney World. Get the latest on the new rules regarding smoking, vaping, strollers (oh, my!) and more at the parks and when they take effect.

Single earbud policy

Let's keep this "rule" theme going as we talk about Volusia school leaders' efforts to improve safety on campus. Will implementing a "single earbud policy" help students be more aware of their surroundings? Share your thoughts on the proposal.

Woodstock called off

Bad news for music fest fans: The highly anticipated Woodstock 50th anniversary festival is officially called off, event organizers announced. Read their official statement regarding their decision to call it quits.

News 6's prestigious honor


We say it all the time, but we have some new hardware to prove it: News 6 is here to get results for the Central Florida community. WKMG has been honored with the prestigious Service to Community Award, presented by the NAB Leadership Foundation to honor the station's outstanding public service commitment. Get a recap on the station's extensive coverage on passing a new law for first responders with PTSD and find out how it led to the honor. Thank you, Central Florida.

From warm to wet

After a hot weekend, the heat continues into the start of the workweek, which is expected to end on a rather wet note. See the full forecast to plan your week.