Change in ethnicity? Ancestry.com users upset after update alters results

News 6 Now newsletter -- 4/30/19


If you're reading this, you made it through another manic Monday. We're also happy to inform you that you've already gotten through a good chunk of Tuesday. 

Before you buckle up to truck through the rest of the day, take a look at what's trending on ClickOrlando.com:

Distracted driving bill


We've been pushing for change on Florida's roads, and a bill aimed at tackling distracted driving is officially headed for the governor's desk to potentially be signed into law. See the five things you need to know about the bill that's driving change.

Family seeks answers

The family of a boy who was fatally hit while riding his bike home from school last week is pleading for answers after the driver of the semitruck that killed him still hasn't been found. Hear his mother's emotional plea and find out how you can help support the 10-year-old boy's family.

Lights out, launch delayed

Power problems at the International Space Station are delaying SpaceX's upcoming supply launch from Cape Canaveral. Find out what's causing the power outage and the soonest the Falcon 9 rocket could launch.

Wildlife warning

Beware of bobcats if you live in Marion County. Health officials said a bobcat in Silver Springs tested positive for rabies. Get the warning and find out how to protect yourself and your pet.

Ancestry.com taking heat

Would you be upset if your ethnicity changed overnight? Ancestry.com is under fire after an update changed some users' ethnicity. Read the company's response and find out why it rolled out the update in the first place.

Picture-perfect weather

If you liked Monday's weather, you'll probably be happy to hear Tuesday's forecast is essentially a copy-and-paste sort of day. Some changes are on the way, though. Get the full forecast to find out how long the pleasant weather will last.