Celebrate your fav teacher by sharing these deals

News 6 Now 4 p.m. newsletter -- 5/7/19

Were you at the Met Gala last night? Loved your outfit.

Just kidding! You may have been there, but considering I'm writing this newsletter to you from my desk, I obviously wasn't. Many big names -- and big outfits -- showed up, though. We'll get to those in a sec, but first, you know the drill. 😏

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WWE star turned mayor

What do the World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. and the city of Longwood have in common? Former pro wrestler Matt Morgan. See how the wrestling star just became the Central Florida town's top official.

Attack of the lovebugs

It's the most wonderful time of the year -- lovebug season. And boy, are these things making themselves known. They are, you've told us. Our ClickOrlando.com digital team has heard your complaints about the critters leaving a mess on your cars, and we have just what you'll need to survive the season. Find out how you can keep your car from looking like it drove through the dirtiest puddle ever.

Teacher Appreciation Day deals 🍎

Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay.

When you think of the list of people who have positively impacted your life, you probably have a few teachers somewhere toward the top. If you don't, you should -- because they're some of the best humans out there. To celebrate them this National Teacher Appreciation Day, share this list of deals and discounts they can cash in on this week.
Also, shout out to Mrs. Compton, Ms. Allen, Ms. Peltz and Ms. Chilcoat -- just a few of the special teachers who helped make me the Bri Volz I am today. ❤️

Mother's Day gift ideas

Speaking of people we're thankful for, shout out to all the moms out there. Their big day is this Sunday, and we're here to help you celebrate her with the perfect gift. See our gift guide for the on-the-go mom (aka all moms).

About those outfits...

Getty Images.

OK, I obviously haven't forgotten that I promised you a look at some of the creative outfits celebrities rocked at last night's Met Gala. With this year's theme being camp, some really had to think outside the box. What does that theme even mean? Honestly, idk. But you can see some of the campiest (and not-so-campy) looks for yourself here.

How Florida of you, Mother Nature

Today's forecast is literally the reason we live in Florida. It's been a gorgeous day weatherwise, with lots of sunshine and barely any chance for rain. How long will it last? Our very talented News 6 meteorologists break it down for you.

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