First measles, now chickenpox? 😬

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In just two weeks, AdventHealth's Centra Care locations have seen a 700% increase in patients with chickenpox.

Sorry to give you bad news right off the bat, but we've got a lot to get to on this Wednesday. So, without further ado...

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Chickenpox spike 💉


If you thought measles was the only thing you need to be aware of, think again. Though Centra Care says the jump from one to eight cases doesn't seem like much, it's being considered a weird increase. Plus, no one wants to be itchy for days at a time. See how experts recommend you protect yourself and what symptoms to look out for.

More smoking, vaping changes 🚭

Disney and Walmart have already changed their policies when it comes to smoking and vaping and it seems others are following suit, including those who call the shots at the Orlando International Airport. Find out what new rules travelers can expect during their next visit.

CBD in Florida? 🤔

Am I the only person who woke up one day and just noticed people talking about CBD literally everywhere? There's oil, gummies, bath bombs -- you name it. The weird part: CBD products are currently illegal in Florida. See what current Florida law says about them and why it's technically in limbo.

Tax holidays 💰

I hate to bring up the "h-word" but considering I've been working on hurricane content for our May 31 special for weeks now, I think it's time you hear it: Hurricane season. Yes, it's less than a month away, which means you need to stock up on supplies. Good news: The governor just signed sales tax holidays into law that will help you save on storm AND school supplies. Yippee! Find out when to mark your calendar.

Launch preview 🚀

Name something better than a Wednesday night launch -- I'll wait.
Exactly, there's nothing better. And to help you get ready for tonight's planned liftoff, ClickOrlando.com's space guru, Emilee Speck, put together a list of 5 things you need to know about Starlink and SpaceX's space-based internet mission. 
Don't forget to watch the launch live on News 6 and ClickOrlando.com if it happens!

See ya, rain 👋

The wet weather has moved out of the Orlando area (woo hoo!) and the sunshine has taken its place, bringing the heat with it. See the full forecast to plan your countdown to the weekend.

I told we had a lot to cover today. Honestly, that wasn't even half of it, but I can't send you a summary of every story because I have a lot of work to do and that's why we have ClickOrlando.com💁‍♀️

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