😎If this doesn't get you excited for summer, we don't know what will

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It's the best day of the week: hump day. 🐪

I love Wednesdays because I think of them as milestones. The tough part of the week is over, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride through the rest of it. Before that, though, stick around and enjoy today's headlines. I bet most of them will make you excited for summer. 😎

Here's what's trending on ClickOrlando.com:

💰 Cashless tolls 

Say goodbye to that old coin jar you've always used to pay tolls, because a 70-mile stretch of the Turnpike is going cashless. Find out where you'll soon see all-electronic tolling in Central Florida and find out how it works.

🏎 NASCAR's big deal

After a $2 billion deal with International Speedway Corp., NASCAR just got a whole lot bigger -- about a dozen tracks bigger, to be exact. Read the details on the merger and how NASCAR hopes it will help the future of the sport.

🎢 Disney deal

What if I told you that one ticket could get you into every Disney World theme park this summer? Well, I hope you're excited, because I just did. See how much the pass will cost you and how long the deal will run.

🛥 Water safety

Memorial Day weekend + gorgeous weather = you likely spending some time on the water. I'm all about a boat day, but there are some things wildlife officials want you to keep in mind so that you stay safe and I don't have to write a news story about you. I'm kidding -- kinda. Anyway, keep these in mind before you hit the water.

🚗 Cool your car

Speaking of the weather -- it's beautiful, but my goodness, it's hot! There's nothing worse than getting in your billion-degree car after a long day and burning all 10 of your fingers trying to grip the steering wheel. Sorry, this obviously happens to me regularly. To help you avoid doing the same, try these five tricks to cool your car quickly in the Florida heat.

Have I mentioned it's hot?

I obviously have but in case you missed it the first two times -- it's really hot. And it's going to stay hot for a while, with the heat index expected to hit 100 degrees in the coming days. This is what we say we miss when it's chilly, so enjoy it. See if rain will return anytime soon to bring some relief.

Like I said before, we're almost to Friday, which means you're hours away from your three-day weekend (unless you work in news😜). Use that as your motivation to finish out the week. Before you do, email me at bvolz@wkmg.com to let me know what you'd like to see more of in this newsletter. 📧

See you tomorrow for Friday Eve👋

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