Is whatever you're doing more fun than sitting at a desk?

News 6 Now 4 p.m. newsletter -- 5/27/19

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Um, probably. It's Memorial Day, so there's a good chance you're reading this from home or on your phone next to the nearest body of water.

If that's the case, I'm jealous. Who doesn't love a three-day weekend? Don't worry, I don't mind the whole desk thing, as long as it means you're caught up when you return to work Tuesday. 😇

But I also want to remind you why many people have the day off, and that's to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. I know freedom isn't free, so I want to thank all those who have served, and let the families of those who gave their lives to protect our freedom know that I'm thinking of them.

I know you've been waiting all weekend for your Monday headlines, so here we go.

Here's what's trending on ClickOrlando.com:

Pay your respects

We all love a good beach day or an afternoon by the pool -- especially on a Monday -- but we all know the true reason for Memorial Day. I know you do, we just went over this. Are you looking for ways to show your appreciation for those who have fought for your freedom? There are plenty. See the list of six ways to pay respect.

Sully pays respect

The former service dog of President George H. W. Bush also paid tribute to his former owner this Memorial Day. Since I know America has grown to love keeping up with Sully since Bush's passing (and this made me cry), I had to pass it along to you. See the good boy's touching tribute that's getting a lot of attention online.

Wildfire evacuations

A wildfire in Marion County may have put a damper on some Memorial Day plans after it threatened multiple structures and prompted evacuations. Find out where the 10-acre fire is burning and how crews are responding.

Survival story

After spending more than two weeks lost in a Hawaiian forest, a 35-year-old woman is sharing her incredible story of survival. You've probably heard about her rescue by now, because it's making headlines across the country. That's how amazing it is. Read it and find out how her family learned she was alive.

Hurricane checklist

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we're less than a week away from the official start of hurricane season, people. Our all-day hurricane special on News 6 isn't until Friday, but since you should already be getting your ducks in a row, download our hurricane preparedness checklist and visit ClickOrlando.com/Hurricane for everything else you need ahead of the season.

'Aladdin' in theaters

The hit 1992 film we all knew and loved is back as a live action reboot, and it already raked in an estimated $112.7 million at the North American box office over the holiday weekend. Did I mention Will Smith plays the genie? If that wasn't enough of a reason to see it, just check the forecast then remember that movie theaters have air conditioning. Find out what else to expect of "Aladdin" and how other movies measured up.

Heat continues

Speaking of that forecast -- If you've stepped outside today, you might have noticed it feels like it's 100 degrees. And that's because it almost is. See how long this heat will last and when the next chance of rain is.

That's all for today. I know you're probably enjoying your day off, so I won't ask you to email me your thoughts on this newsletter -- unless you want to. 😏 If so, you know where to find me: BVolz@wkmg.com. 📧

Talk to you tomorrow!

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