😵Wanted: Relief from this Florida heat

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It's not even June and we've seen several days of insanely hot temperatures. 

I complain when it's cold, so I guess this is what I get. Anyway, while I can't make it any cooler, I do have some tips to beat the heat. I'll share my secrets in a sec, but first, we have some other hump day headlines to get to.

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⚖️ Mueller on Russia investigation

So, special counsel Robert Mueller made a special announcement today and basically said while his investigation can't clear President Donald Trump of any wrongdoing, charging the President was "not an option." Read his full statement on his findings in his first public comments on the investigation since he was appointed.

✈️ Florida cabinet in Israel

Florida Gov.Ron DeSantis announces, during a Feb. 13, 2019, press conference at the Broward County Courthouse, that he is ordering a statewide grand jury investigation into how Florida school districtshandle student security.

Things aren't just intense in D.C. today, the Florida cabinet has been busy meeting in Jerusalem Wednesday to discuss a number of important topics, including terrorism, water supplies and emergency response. See what else is on the agenda and details on the rest of the governor's trip.

🌀 Hurricane supplies

Meanwhile, back in the Sunshine State, Sen. Rick Scott addressed Central Floridians Wednesday about getting prepared for their favorite time of year: hurricane season. See when and which storm supplies you can get tax-free with the upcoming tax holiday. 

Visit ClickOrlando.com/Hurricane for all other things hurricane. We've worked hard to make sure you're ready!

🎮 Video game addiction

We've all joked about someone who's always glued to their console being addicted to video games, but it turns out it's not a joke after all. It's actually a mental health condition, according to the World Health Organization. Think you know someone who has it? Find out what signs to look out for and share the news with your gamer friends.

🎮 How hot can you go?

Actually, Florida, don't answer that. I think a heat index of 105 degrees is hot enough. Can I get an amen? See when the next chance of rain is in the forecast and how the dry weather is affecting fire dangers.

💨 Drop your A/C bill

Since I can't actually drop the temperature for us, I do have a couple of tips that can help drop your energy bill. I know my A/C is already putting in overtime. Get the advice from an expert on how to keep your unit running well and your bill from breaking the bank.

🍿 Movie deals

Since my only advice to beat the heat seems to be finding some air conditioning and that's probably still going to cost you more than you'd like to pay just to stay comfortable, you'll be happy to know that movie theaters have A/C, and I have intel on how you can spend some time at the theater for cheap. Find out when and where you can take the kids for $1 movies this summer.

Have any tips of your own to staying cool? We need all the help I can get. Send them my way at BVolz@wkmg.com. While you're at it, let me know what you'd like to see more of in this newsletter. 😊

Stay cool, yall!

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