Guess where I am...


If you guessed, "in a random parking lot near the Amway Center in downtown Orlando," you guessed right.

Why? Well, President Donald Trump will be here in just a few hours, but not before a few storms, which is why I'm sitting in this News 6 live truck long enough to try and write this newsletter for you.

The president's visit is the big talker today, but it's certainly not the only one.

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🇺🇸 President Trump's visit

The president is kicking off his re-election campaign in Orlando Tuesday evening and yours truly has been here in the heart of the City Beautiful to capture everything that's happening ahead of tonight's rally. To sum the crowd up in three words: pride, protests and ponchos. Follow our coverage leading up to the event online and watch News 6 for more throughout the day.

Storms in Central Florida

I know I just mentioned ponchos, but I just have to say -- the people who checked today's forecast and showed up outside this rally ready to sell their ponchos have truly mastered the art of supply and demand. I'm kidding, but still -- they've made bank, and the ponchos will continue to come in handy while storms pass through downtown Orlando. Get the full forecast to see how it will affect the event.

🚨 AR-15 outside rally

So this was terrifying: When I arrived downtown today and met some of my coworkers to take over for the day shift of covering Trump's rally, they warned me to be extra aware of my surroundings after they had just seen a guy carrying an AR-15 rifle in his bag and a loaded magazine in his belt. See how Secret Service addressed the situation.

✈️ Airport travel times

If you're flying in or out of Orlando today, you may want to allow yourself extra time, because airport officials are warning that Trump's visit could affect your travel plans. Weather could also lead to delays. Get the warning from airport officials so you can be prepared.

🌊 Another Dominican Republic death

I just told you Monday that there had been eight American deaths reported in the Dominican Republic over about the last year. Just one day later, there are reports of a ninth. Learn how a New Jersey man was discovered dead in his hotel room while overseas.

👮 Florida sheriff fights back

Scott Israel, who was the sheriff of Broward County last year when the shooting at a South Florida high school took place, is fighting for his job months after Gov. Ron DeSantis removed him from his position. Find out why Israel's attorney is calling the governor's decision a "knee-jerk" reaction.

🎫 Disney pass prices


Sorry to end this thing on a bad note, but as a sad annual passholder, I must share this with you: The prices of Disney World's annual passes have increased. Get a look at the new prices and let us know whether you'll renew your pass.

That's all for today, my friends. I'm heading back out into the crowds, so follow along online and on Facebook. :) If there's something you want to see while I'm out here, email me at BVolz@wkmg.com. 📧

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