Can you imagine making $25 million in one day?🤑

News 6 Now 4 p.m. newsletter -- 6/19/19

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Imagine making almost $25 million in a single day. 

***still trying to imagine***

OK, I can't. But I know who can: President Donald Trump and his campaign team, according to the Republican National Committee. Oh, yeah. Let me elaborate.

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💰 Trump fundraising

In less than 24 hours, Trump raised $24.8 million for his re-election campaign, the RNC announced Wednesday. That's more than $1 million an hour and close to the $30.3 million his campaign collected from January to March. Find out how his campaign is measuring up against his opponents.

🇺🇸 Orlando rally

Much of the hype around Trump's re-election run started right here in Orlando, where he officially announced his plans to enter the 2020 race. If you missed the rally, get a full recap and see the 15 false statements CNN said it found while fact checking his 76-minute speech.

🌊 Dominican Republic deaths

I've been telling you about the American deaths in the Dominican Republic for a while now, and families of the tourists who have died there are now demanding answers. See how the FBI is helping the Dominican government in the tourist death probe.

🚀 Big move for Boeing

Like the rest of the country, Boeing is realizing just how wonderful Florida is and now plans to relocate. Well, at least the headquarters of the company's space and launch division is relocating, and it's coming to the Space Coast. Find out why company officials are making the move and how Florida officials are reacting to it.

🐭 Disney collectibles for sale

Calling all Disney fans! If you love collectibles, you might just freak our over this estate sale happening this week. See when and where it's taking place and what exactly is up for grabs.

🌧️ Is it summer?

If it looks like summer, feels like summer and acts like summer, it might be summer ... but it's not -- yet. It's not officially summer until later this week, but the storms and hot temperatures in the forecast could have fooled me. Check our live radar to see when storms could impact where you live.

☀️ Speaking of summer...

I'm trying to plan mine, so I need your help figuring out the best spots around Central Florida. I want to know the best beach, best staycation spot, best summer bar -- ALL the bests! Cast your vote for your favorite places to help them win News 6's "Best of Summer" contest.

Remember that almost $25 million we talked about earlier? Did you figure out what you'd do with it? 📧 Tell me how you'd spend your millions by emailing me at BVolz@wkmg.com. Me? I'd start with buying puppies. 🐶

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