🧳Get paid to travel: You in?

News 6 Now 4 p.m. newsletter -- 6/26/19

What would you do if someone offered to pay you to take an international vacation?

Oh, and what would you do if I told you I know a company that's actually willing to do that? In fact, it's looking for someone to send. I'll elaborate in a sec, but first -- happy Wednesday! 🤗

Here's what's trending on ClickOrlando.com:

🇺🇸 Democratic debate

The first primary for the 2020 presidential election is still months away, but the first debate among Democratic presidential candidates is kicking off tonight and will last through tomorrow. Can you believe it's already that time again? Get to know the candidates before the debate and watch morning anchor Justin Warmoth's coverage of it on News 6.

🔥 Notre Dame fire

A preliminary investigation into the cause of the massive blaze at Notre Dame Cathedral is complete, and it's brought some answers for the people of Paris and across the globe. Prosecutors say there are no signs that the fire was started deliberately, but that it could have been caused by a cigarette or electrical malfunction. See what else the investigation revealed.

🔷 Busch Gardens suspect

Remember the man accused of causing the death of Pinky, a well-known and loved flamingo at Busch Gardens, in 2016? I'm sure you do, because it got a ton of attention online when it happened. Anyway, his name is making headlines again after he was hit and killed by a truck two months before the trial for the bird's death. What are the odds? Read the full story and see the reaction it's getting.

🏖️ New resort opening

You know what Orlando needs more of? Awesome resorts, said no one ever. Still, we'll gladly take them, especially when they look like Universal's Endless Summer Resort, which opens Thursday. See the new spot offering surf, sand and relaxed vibes to tourists and Central Florida staycationers.

🌡️ Extreme heat

I get it, I'm starting to sound like a broken record by telling you how hot it is every afternoon, so I'll spare you and let you step outside for a moment if you haven't figured out it's another scorching hot day. I'm crossing my fingers for rain to bring a bit of a cooldown. Check the forecast to see if I'm in luck (and don't tell me if I'm not, because I don't know how much more heat I can take).

🐶 Ugly dog pics

Let me be clear: I believe every dog is perfect just the way they are, but I'm also always looking for a midday pick-me-up, and these nine pictures from the World's Ugliest Dog Contest totally did the job. See them for yourself and try not to crack a smile -- I dare you.

🧳 Get paid to play

OK, have you ever noticed that people in Denmark are, like, really happy? Well, pretty much every website that ranks the happiest countries in the world has, and Ikea wants to know why. That's why it wants to pay someone to go figure it out for two weeks. There'll be food, tours and plenty of time to play. Find out how to apply for the one-of-a-kind gig.

What's your motivation to finish strong this week? I could use a little extra, considering I can't apply for the Denmark gig. 🙄 Share it with me at BVolz@wkmg.com.