📅July: Holidays, heat, heaps of new laws

News 6 Now 4 p.m. newsletter -- 7/1/19

We're halfway through the year and July is bringing a little bit of everything: hot temperatures, fun holidays and lots of new rules for Floridians, just to name a few things.

What are you most excited about this month? If it's not hanging with News 6 anchor Kirstin O'Connor and me Thursday before Fireworks at the Fountain at Lake Eola, it must be because you didn't know about that yet. 😉 Standby, your invite is on its way. First, though, let's talk about what else is happening.

Here's what's trending on ClickOrlando.com:

📱 No texting and driving

There's no way you don't know this by now, but just in case you actually haven't heard yet: you can now be pulled over in Florida for texting and driving. The law that makes texting and driving a primary offense officially went into effect Monday. Get a full breakdown of what you can and can't do with your phone while driving, and find out how law enforcement officers plan to enforce the changes.

⚖️ Other new laws

The distracted driving law isn't the only one taking effect today. In fact, dozens of other new laws are officially in place for Floridians, including ones that ban vaping indoors and sanctuary cities. See the full list of new laws and find out they could affect you.

🚀 Orion test

A space story on a Monday? Talk about starting the month off right. If you'll be on the Space Coast, Tuesday morning, you'll have the chance to witness history when NASA tests the Orion spacecraft designed to carry humans back to the moon. Get the details on what exactly NASA is testing and when it's expected to happen.

🚘 Drive safe in July

July is a summer month meant to be fun, but according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it's unfortunately the deadliest for drunken driving. See what factors contribute to the statistics and get tips to stay safe.

🌡️ Heat returns

Did you like that little cooldown this weekend? It was refreshing -- while it lasted. Anyway, the heat is certainly back in time for the Fourth of July. If you plan to spend it outside, get the full forecast to help plan your holiday and remember these 16 tips to stay safe and cool in the heat.

🎉 Fourth of July blowout

If there are two holidays we like to celebrate at News 6, they're the Fourth of July and Christmas, and we certainly make that known every year during our Fireworks at the Fountain and Angel Tree events. This July 4, we're taking our celebrations to a new level with complete blowout coverage of Fireworks at the Fountain at Lake Eola. What I mean by that is, thanks to new technology, you can watch the event at every angle right from your smartphone. Want to see the fireworks from the rooftop? Done. See them from our 360-degree camera? Done. Hang with Kirstin O'Connor and me for a few hours before the main event? Done! Who's ready to get their fireworks on? Get everything you need to know to join in on the fun and share it with your friends.

Wow, that just got me so excited for Thursday. 🤩 Who's coming to Lake Eola to see us? Let me know at BVolz@wkmg.com and I'll keep an eye out for you! 👀👋

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