🎓No degree? You can still land one of these gigs

News 6 Now 4 p.m. newsletter -- 7/2/19

Huh? What?
Huh? What?

Are you a parent? If so, are you giving your child the option of going to a technical school or entering the workforce right away, or is college the route you want them to take?

If you're sending them to college only because you're afraid they won't land a solid job, stick around and I'll show you why you might not have to worry. Before that, let's see what else is happening this Tuesday.

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🚀 Orion testing

Success on the Space Coast! Spectators got to witness a historical moment Tuesday morning as NASA got one step closer to sending American astronauts back to the moon. If you missed it, watch the launch and testing of Orion's abort system again and find out what its success means for the future of space exploration.

🥂 Booze deliveries

The days of alcohol runs could soon be over for Sam's Club customers, because they can now add alcohol to their grocery delivery orders. We can drink to that, right? Find out where the new service is being offered.

🐊 Pet alligator?

OK, it's not actually his pet, but a Daytona Beach man was arrested after he was accused of feeding an alligator in his neighborhood pond. He said the giant reptile even let him pet it. 😳 I'm including this story because the video is mindblowing, so please, watch it yourself and share it with your friends.

💼 Jobs without degrees

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to talk you and your family out of college because I went and I believe it opened so many doors for me, but I've also heard people say it's not for everyone. If that's you or your child, that doesn't mean they can't land a solid job. In fact, CareerCast.com says there are lots of great jobs in fast-growing industries out there for people who don't have a bachelor's degree. Take a look at some of the best they found and explore your options.

☀️ Fourth of July heat

I left for lunch today and it pretty much reminded me why I don't do that -- because it's hot. Like, really hot. I broke a sweat walking to my car in the parking lot outside the News 6 studio, for goodness sake. The heat index is up to 105 Tuesday, so try to stay cool. The good news is, the forecast for Fireworks at the Fountain Thursday is looking pretty good. Get the full forecast before making your holiday plans.

🎆 Happy, healthy holiday


The Fourth of July -- for people who don't work in news -- probably involves grilling, some swimming, maybe a few drinks and a whole lot of patriotism. That all sounds great, but you should also remember it's really hot and can get very loud. Keep you and your crew safe while celebrating with these tips to a happy and healthy holiday.

🍴 Fourth of July freebie

Everyone loves free stuff and food, and they especially love free food. If you know any members of the military, veterans or first responders, let them know they can enjoy a free sandwich at 4 Rivers Smokehouse Thursday in celebration of Independence Day. After you tell them about the deal thank them for their service for me. Get the details on the offer and share it.

How are you spending the Fourth of July? If you haven't made plans yet, come see us at Lake Eola for the best fireworks show in the game -- or watch us live from your phone. 🎇 It's that easy!

Email me at BVolz@wkmg.com and let me know if you plan to drop by and say "hi." 📧

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