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News 6 Now 4 p.m. newsletter -- 7/19/19


It's true, I do!

And speaking of the moon, tomorrow is a huge day.

Not only is it Saturday, which means most of us can turn off our alarms for work, it's also the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. I've got everything you need to get prepared for the big day, as well as all your other Friday headlines coming right up.

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🌡️ Serious heat

We're used to the heat here in Central Florida, but some other places in the U.S. might not be prepared for the ridiculous temperatures they're going to face in the coming days because of a major heat wave. It's seriously so hot that staff members at the National Weather Service in Nebraska are baking biscuits in cars. I'm not kidding. Learn more about the potentially deadly temps and where they're expected to hit hardest.

🌧️ Weekend weather

Do heat and rain sound familiar? They should, because we've had plenty of both in Central Florida lately. Will we see changes soon? Get the full forecast here to see what's in store for the weekend.

🌀 Pinpointing tropics

It is still hurricane season, so you're probably wondering what's up in the tropics. Our newest News 6 meteorologist, Jonathan Kegges, broke it all down today with a tropical update, and he used a word I won't repeat because I'm slightly superstitious. See his update and blame him if it jinxes us.
Just kidding, Jonathan. We're lucky to have you! Tune in to News 6 Saturday and Sunday mornings to watch him if you haven't yet. He's wonderful, even if he does use the "Q" word. 😉

💉 Pushing for change

Remember the name Claire Goodowens, everyone, because she's going to do some big things in this world. In fact, the 12-year-old Orlando girl is already making a difference for people living with Type 1 diabetes via her mission to raise awareness about the rising costs of insulin. She's took her fight to Washington, D.C., and is getting the attention of elected officials. In fact, I got a press release from Sen. Rick Scott's office today about Claire's impressive efforts. Hear her story and share it with others as she continues her journey.

🦽 Adaptive clothing line

Everyone wants the chance to be stylish, including children with special needs, and Kohl's gets that. The company just rolled out some adaptive apparel to its three largest kids' brands to feature abdominal access and sensory-friendly options as well as wheelchair-friendly options. Way to go, Kohl's. See the new options available and share them with your favorite little fashionista.

🐈 Terrifying 'Cats' trailer 

The "Cats" trailer was released yesterday, and everyone is freaking out about it. My co-workers, the internet, everyone. It could be because the movie is using "digital fur technology" -- whatever that is -- to disguise artists we know and love as singing felines. Maybe? Watch the trailer for yourself and see how others are reacting to it.


🌕 Moon landing celebrations

We celebrated the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 earlier this week, but the official moon landing officially happened 50 years ago tomorrow. To get you in the mood, you should probably ditch your Friday night plans to watch these astronaut movies or, if you're looking to spend it with your fellow space nerds, jam out to this space-themed playlist while you bake rocket-shaped cooking together. Oh, and don't forget all the amazing content on our Moon Landing page.

Has anyone seen "The Lion King" remake? Let me know what you thought of it at BVolz@wkmg.com. 🦁

Stay cool this weekend! TTYM (talk to you Monday). 👋

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