🙌Your well weather wishes worked!

News 6 Now 4 p.m. newsletter -- 7/23/19


The tropical depression we were worried about has fallen apart. Can I get a woot woot?

Thank you very much.

If there's no tropical system, what are we watching today? You know there's always something!

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🌀 No more TD 3

To everyone who begged Mother Nature to spare us, thank you. It worked, because what was Tropical Depression Three officially dissipated as of 11 a.m., which was the National Hurricane Center's last planned advisory for the former system that was just off Florida's coast. Does that mean Central Florida won't get soaked this week? Of course not. Get the full forecast to find how the remnants of the system will affect us.

Back-to-school shopping

You might be sad summer's coming to an end, or excited to get the kids back in school -- or both. Either way, the state is helping you prepare for it with Florida's upcoming tax-free weekend. When is it? What items qualify? Can you shop online and save? We're answering all your questions with this list of everything you need to know about the event.

🍭 Cut the sweet tooth?

Keto, vegan, Mediterranean -- the list of different diets these days goes on and on. One we hear a lot about is a no-sugar diet, which seems nearly impossible for someone with a serious sweet tooth. Is it worth it, though, to cut sweets completely? A study is weighing the benefits. See the concerns experts have about different types of sugars and if it could be worth it to eliminate them.

💧 Dangerous viral challenge

(Credit: NYPD)
(Credit: NYPD)

I never thought I'd see the day that people had to be told dumping buckets of water on police officers isn't a good idea, but here we are. Law enforcement officers are speaking out against the latest viral challenge, which involves drenching officers who are responding to calls, recording it and, of course, posting it on social media. Watch a video getting a lot of attention online and hear warnings from officials.

🤜🤛 Viral fist bump

If anything is going to go viral, this is the type of stuff we want to see. Two-year-old Joseph Tidd is stealing our hearts again with the help of an Orlando Pride soccer player who noticed they had the same "lucky fin" -- as Joseph's family likes to call it -- and went in for a "fist-bump." Get a closer look at the sweet moment now going viral and learn more about Joseph's story.

🎫 WDW prices

When Walt Disney World opened in 1971, one adult day ticket was $3.50. Just let that sink in for a moment. Do you know how much it costs today? Let's just say the price of admission is up more than 3,000 percent. I'll let you do the math. Why has the cost of fun gotten so expensive? See the study breaking down the price hikes.

💑 Transformation Tuesday

Do people still do this? If not, I'm bringing the weekly social media tradition back today because of this super sweet story. Grab the tissues, because some high school sweethearts are sharing then-and-now photos of themselves at prom versus their wedding day, and it is the best thing I've seen in a while. See the transformations and share them.

Are you still with your high school sweetheart, or do you at least keep in touch with your prom date? Even if you don't, I want to see the throwback pictures! 📸 Share your transformation photos with me at BVolz@wkmg.com

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