Are your kids using any of these apps?

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Police have released a list of apps they believe every parent needs to know about -- and you may not be OK with some of them.

We'll take a look at the list, but before we do -- have you noticed how freaking hot it is? 

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🔥 Hotter than ____.


I'll let you get creative and fill in the blank yourself. But I can imagine whatever you immediately thought when seeing that is accurate, considering "feels like" temperatures are forecast to hit 110 degrees Friday. Geez. See what else is in store after this hot start to the weekend.

🎮 Changes at Walmart


In the wake of recent mass shootings, Walmart has decided to take down displays of violent video games in its stores, though the company still plans to sell them, as well as guns. Hear what company officials say led up to the decision.

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🌠 Show in the sky

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🎒 Back-to-school shopping

Can you believe it? It's the last weekend of summer for Central Florida students, which means there will probably be a lot of last-minute shopping happening this weekend. Tax-free weekend has come and gone, but there's still plenty of opportunity for teachers and students to save. See the list of deals and discounts you need to know about.

📱 Know these apps


MeetMe, BadBoo, Hot or Not, the list goes on. Oh, and we can't forget the Calculator% app that is anything but a calculator, according to police. Of the 15 different dating, chat and secret apps police mention on the list parents should know about, I honestly think I've heard of six of them -- maybe. Some are probably ones you'll wish your child didn't know about, but others can actually be a good resource for them. Get the full list of apps police want you to be aware of before your child heads back to school and share it with your fellow parents.

If your child asks you how you know about any of the apps, don't blame me -- unless they're happy you know about them. In that case, I told you. Otherwise, police made the list, I'm just the messenger. Got it? Either way, enjoy the last weekend of summer with your student and wish them good luck for me! Don't forget to take and send any back-to-school pics my way at BVolz@wkmg.com. 😊

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