Get paid to binge 'Friends'?🤑Yes, please

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The only thing better than watching your favorite'90s sitcom is getting paid to watch your favorite '90s sitcom. Duh.

Everyone loves some good news on a Wednesday, and I've got just that. But I also have some weird news, pretty disgusting news and even some wet news. It's a mixed bag today, folks. Enjoy!

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🌩️ Hear those rumbles?

Maybe you don't even hear them anymore, since we hear storms in Central Florida just about every afternoon these days. Since it's about time to pick up the kids, I figured we'd get this whole weather thing out of the way. It's hot and stormy, so dress accordingly. Get the full forecast to see what's in store for the rest of the week. That was the wet news, by the way.

💜 Pulse memorial

More than three years after the tragedy at Pulse nightclub left 49 people dead, there is still debate as to how the victims should be memorialized. A group of survivors and family members of victims killed have come together to form an organization opposing a private museum, saying any memorial should be public and any money made from it should be put toward survivors. Should Pulse nightclub be turned into a private museum? Read the full story and share your thoughts.

🐿️ Beware of botflies

Listen up, people. If you have never seen what botflies do, I'm sorry to do this to you, because it is the stuff of nightmares. But one lady in Seminole County found the parasite living under the skin of a squirrel in her yard and now, she won't let her dog outside -- and I can't blame her. Learn more about botflies and where they're typically found.

😻 Cutting cat allergies

If I didn't just completely scare you out of having a pet with the botfly story and you've always wanted a cat but allergies stood in the way, there's hope. A new vaccine that may soon hit the veterinary world could benefit allergy-sufferers and even cats, too. Get the details on the product and the science behind it.

👙 Change your underwear

My co-worker wrote a story about how often Americans change their underwear and, trying to give us the benefit of the doubt here, I clicked on it, thinking there's a chance it may make me proud. Instead, it made me nauseous. See the study that's airing America's dirty laundry, then go change your undies.

🤳 Social media movement

Finally, an internet challenge we can all get behind. What would you -- being the wise person I know you are -- tell younger you? The internet wants to know with the #5YearOldSelfie challenge, which just might be the purest, most beautiful social media movement yet. Find out how to take part in it then share your words of wisdom with the online world.

💻 Get paid to watch 'Friends'

If you're a superfan of the '90s sitcom, this contest might be for you. If you're not a fan of "Friends," but you want to earn $1,000 and get free Netflix for a year, this contest might be for you. In honor the show's 25th anniversary, one company wants to offer someone all that and more to watch "Friends" for 25 hours. Get the link to apply for your dream side hustle and start training for your "Friends" marathon.

What would I tell younger Bri? I'd tell her not to worry so much: "You're doing just fine and it all works out in the end. Oh, and be a little sweeter to your mom. She wants the best for you." ❤️
Have any advice for younger you? Share it with me at BVolz@wkmg.com.

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