Get ready for Hurricane Dorian

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I know we've been trying to wish it away, but as of right now, the storm is coming our way -- and it could be stronger than initially predicted when it makes landfall.

Don't worry, just prepare. Don't know where to start? We're here to help.

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Live updates

Let me start by saying that since it's still really early, it's too soon to know exactly how Dorian will impact Central Florida. There's still plenty of time for things to change, so you should be on the lookout for every update. Click here to see the latest track, computer models and satellite for Dorian.

Hurricane checklist

If you've lived in Central Florida long enough, this may not be your first rodeo, which means you know how the stores get in the days before a storm. No one likes standing in line for hours for a case of water they may never get, so get ahead of the game by gathering supplies now. Download the News 6 hurricane preparedness checklist to make your supply shopping easier.

Need sandbags?

As we typically see before a storm, cities and counties are handing out sandbags to help residents deal with the heavy rainfall we could soon see. Find a sandbag pickup location near you and see what you need to bring to claim some.

Hurricane advice

If you are new to Florida or it's been a while since you've had to ride out a storm, your fellow Floridians are here to help. See the list of hacks they have to offer that could come in handy.

Have a student at UCF?

The school year just began and it looks like UCF may already be dealing with a hurricane. Don't worry, though. University officials say they're keeping tabs on the weather system. Ha, you're a parent. I know just saying "don't worry" isn't enough to keep you from worrying, so here's another suggestion: Follow these instructions to get updates from UCF as the storm approaches.


I know we're all laser-focused on Dorian, but you can't forget about a couple of things we've been looking forward to for months.

UCF vs. Florida A&M

College football season is back, and the Knights are kicking off their season at home Thursday in a game against the Florida A&M Rattlers. Can't make it? No biggie. Find out how you can watch, stream or listen to the game.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

The new land is set to finally open at Disney's Hollywood Studios Thursday. Right now, you may be busy preparing for a potentially major hurricane or you hate the thought of standing in insane lines -- or maybe you are going to the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opening and just can't wait any longer to see it. Regardless, take a look at this gallery to see what you can expect.

I promise we aren't trying to scare you. Trust me, I don't want this hurricane to be here either, because that means I'll have to sleep at work without my dog. :( I just want you to be prepared in case.

There's no way I could fit every important hurricane-related topic in a single newsletter, but we do have our Hurricane page, which has everything you need. You can also re-watch these interviews with experts from our Hurricane Day special at the start of the season, and of course, download our free Hurricane Tracker app so you always have the latest info right in the palm of your hand.

Have any questions? Send them my way at BVolz@wkmg.com. I'm here to help. :)

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